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US-3497848-A: Multiple tap device for transformers patent, US-3498509-A: Apparatus for tying a ribbon bow patent, US-3523421-A: Peaking load steam cycle patent, US-3526094-A: Ramjet engine with retractable low-speed deflectors patent, US-3548512-A: Dryer for photographic films or the like patent, US-3584237-A: Converter circuit patent, US-3599044-A: Superhigh-speed relaying system and apparatus for protection of power systems patent, US-3675047-A: Precision pulse generator patent, US-3706416-A: Apparatus for rinsing small particulate material patent, US-3717800-A: Device and base plate for a mosaic of semiconductor elements patent, US-3722244-A: Method of controlling continuous rolling of metal strips patent, US-3730362-A: Anti-lowering device for a loader boom patent, US-2427480-A: Incinerator patent, US-2453985-A: Fluid heater patent, US-2457974-A: Pulse type telegraph receiver patent, US-2458877-A: Photographic developing method and apparatus patent, US-2477741-A: Electrical switch patent, US-2478532-A: Mounting means for ironer shoes patent, US-2492282-A: Automobile rear-vision window control compartment patent, US-2513100-A: Animated display device patent, US-2513729-A: Chapel tent patent, US-2519048-A: Fishing lure patent, US-2529411-A: Gasket for repairing weld and pit leaks on pipes patent, US-2541149-A: Draw roll mechanism for hot stretching of artificial filaments patent, US-2546514-A: Hot chocolate dispenser patent, US-2549516-A: Structural unit and method of manufacture patent, US-2560466-A: Collapsible rack patent, US-2570571-A: Combination back rest and bag structure patent, US-2570699-A: Delayed gripper action attachment patent, US-2586003-A: Duck hunter's drag patent, US-2595057-A: Coupling patent, US-2602321-A: Method of constructing a prefabricated bridge structure patent, US-2624420-A: Apparatus for controlling humidity patent, US-2624521-A: Dispensing package patent, US-2626102-A: Cylinder head patent, US-2651583-A: Nonglare coating composition patent, US-2652353-A: Adhesion of rubber to fiber patent, US-2658528-A: Means for providing a restricted passage in a fluid conduit patent, US-2677131-A: Combination garment patent, US-2685109-A: Fiber-drafting element used in textile spinning patent, US-2701261-A: Methods of purifying organic ester vacuum pump fluid compositions patent, US-2712862-A: Brake cable lubricator patent, US-2716055-A: Production of water gas and the like patent, US-2721039-A: Waste thread collecting attachment for quiller patent, WO-2012114553-A1: Light guiding member and light emitting device provided with same patent, US-2764680-A: Electron tube limiter circuit patent, US-2782147-A: Process for preparing coking blends patent, US-2784179-A: Metalliferous azo-dyestuffs patent, US-2785056-A: Process for the production of sulfur from hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide or oxygen containing gases patent, US-2802213-A: Brassiere patent, US-2813692-A: Sealed bulkhead installations of electric wires patent, US-2829211-A: Narrow band amplifiers or the like patent, US-2845757-A: Lathe attachment patent, US-2863050-A: Electronic servo amplifier patent, US-2864112-A: Street sweeper brush and holder patent, US-2868616-A: Steam sterilization method patent, US-2870863-A: Coupling patent, US-2881562-A: Support for flowers with cut stalks patent, US-2886874-A: Means for detachably securing wriststraps patent, US-2917901-A: Load carrying structure patent, US-2931296-A: Processing of molecularly oriented sheets of transparent, linear, high molecular weight, hydroxyl-containing polymers to improve the dyeing qualities thereof patent, US-2936492-A: Method of casting crystalline polymer film patent, US-2940531-A: Tongue for farm implement patent, US-2940796-A: Load-responsive brake control apparatus patent, US-2942570-A: Devices for damping the rolling movement of ships patent, US-2944460-A: Window assembly for exposure meters patent, US-2961810-A: Method of and apparatus for combining units to form a package patent, US-2964217-A: Crate patent, US-2968174-A: Washing machines patent, US-2971460-A: Method and apparatus for automatic temperature control of rotary printing press ink rollers patent, US-2974759-A: Brake head and shoe assembly patent, US-2984788-A: Sweep circuit patent, US-2990554-A: Method of finishing a garment edge patent, US-2991184-A: Control of souring in flexographic inks patent, US-2995112-A: Pencil sharpener patent, US-2996619-A: Radioactivity well logging patent, US-3001093-A: Low speed synchronous motor patent, US-3018598-A: Mower attachment patent, US-3021599-A: Combination tool patent, US-3021832-A: Stove door window unit patent, US-3028760-A: Centrifugally restrained accelerometer patent, US-3032071-A: Hand weaving loom patent, US-3040206-A: Cathode ray tube beam finder circuit patent, US-3044894-A: Spray coating articles patent, US-3058467-A: Hypodermic syringes patent, US-3066094-A: Recovery of hydrocarbons from spent caustic patent, US-3076390-A: Portable mats patent, US-3077603-A: Disposable garment shield patent, US-3087442-A: Convertible coffee-dining table patent, US-3096968-A: Process for making concrete for application by spray gun patent, US-3111763-A: Drafting machine patent, US-3115305-A: Oscillating lawn sprinkler patent, US-3137664-A: Waterproof plastic films of increased water vapor permeability and method of making them patent, US-3142088-A: Thermoplastic fastening device patent, US-3158533-A: Continuous pulping extraction apparatus patent, US-3175341-A: Collector cells for electrostatic precipitators patent, US-3179041-A: Food canning machine patent, US-3184706-A: Coaxial cable connector with internal crimping structure patent, US-3192323-A: Telephone system detection circuit patent, US-3193265-A: Blower patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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