Gasket for repairing weld and pit leaks on pipes



1950 w. NORTHRUP 2,529,411 GASKET FOR REPAIRING WELD AND PIT LEAKS 0N PIPES Filed Dec. 7, 1945 WWW 5. Patented Nov. 7, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GASKET FOR REPAIRING WELD AND PIT LEAKS ON PIPES Weaver Lamont Northrup, Elm Creek, Nebr., as- signor of one-third to Leonard G. Hill, Hastings, Nebr. Application December 7, 1945, Serial No. 633,437 4 Claims. The advantages of this invention will be readily understood from the following description with the aid of the drawing illustrating one embodiment of the invention and wherein the same details are given the same reference characters in the different figures. Figure l is a top plan View of the gasket; Figure 2 is a diametrical section along line 2-2 of Figure 1; Figure 3 is a transverse section on the weld lines of a pipe with the gasket applied over a leak and Figure 4 is a side view of Figure 3. In the drawing the gasket is shown as a circular disk, but may have any other ring shape such as oval or elliptical, constructed on two axes of different lengths. It is composed of three or more elements of which the outermost or casing I is a ring of U-shaped cross section with an intermediate, peripheral wall II, with inturned flanges [2. Between these flanges are held the other two parts consisting of solid disks [3 and I4 filling the entire opening of the easing Ill. The upper disk 13 is made of plastic or textile, medium soft gasket material, while the second or bottom disk I4 is made of soft raw rubber material. The casing ring [0, however, is made of a soft and-pliab1e metal. In most cases lead is used as best suitable for the purpose, but at times soft copper is preferred. For the upper disk I3 the best material has been found to be medium soft red gasket rubber and for disk l4 raw gum rubber is generally used. Figures 3 and 4 indicate the application of the gasket over a leak at l5 in the weld line iii of a pair of pipes ll. As shown the gasket is placed right over the leak and bent and pressed down an equal amount on each side of the opening and so as to closely conform to the round surface of the pipes I! or other structure where applied. In this condition the gasket is firmly secured over the weld by means of a clamping band I 8 slipped over the pipes and the gasket and tightened by a clamp screw and nut 19. The grades of the gasket material may be varied as to composition or softness to suit different uses. The shape and size of the gasket also may be modified as best suitable for the structure for which the gasket is intended. It is to be understood that the invention as here disclosed is not limited to the details here described and shown but that the same may be varied widely without departing from the spirit of the invention as defined by the subjoined claims. I claim: 1. In a device for repairing pipes including an adjustable pipe clamp and means for sealing leaks in pipes, the improvement which comprises: malleable flat plate having a wall extending therefrom at substantially right angles, and a flange extending from said wall substantially parallel to said plate for engaging irregular surfaces of a pipe, sheets of material having varied resiliency retained within said flange and a portion of one of said sheets extending outwardly of said flange. 2. In a device for repairing pipes including an adjustable pipe clamp and means for engaging and sealing pipe leaks, the improvement which comprises: a malleable housing including a plate having a wall extending therefrom and an angularly disposed flange projecting from said wall for engaging irregular surfaces of a pipe thereby deforming to follow the contour thereof to inhibit creeping, a sheet of resilient material Within said wall, a second sheet of material retained within said wall and engaging said flange. 3. The invention recited in claim 2, said second sheet being soft relativeto said first sheet. 4. For use in a pipe leak repair device, a housing consisting of a flat plate of malleable material and having a marginal edge, a continuous wall disposed at right angles to said plate and fixed thereto, a continuous flange disposed at the free edge of said wall and extending sub- 7 stantially parallel to said plate, said wall and said flange being composed of malleable material, and a flexible material filler disposed within said continuous wall and supported by said flange adapted to be disposed on a defective portion of a pipe. WEAVER LAMONT NORTHRUP. REFERENCES CITED The'following references are of record in the file of this patent: UNITED STATES PATENTS



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