Support for flowers with cut stalks



INVENTOR ATTORNEYS U April 14, 1959 c. RAGOT SUPPORT FOR FLOWERS wxmcur STALKS Filed April 11, 1956 CHRISTIAN RAGOT y M w/013$; United States Patent SUPPORT FOR FLOWERS WITH CUT STALKS Christian Ragot, Vesoul, France Application April 11, 1956, Serial No. 577,534 Claims priority, application France April 13, 1955 1 Claim. (Cl. 47-41) The present invention relates to a support for flowers with cut stalks characterized in that: (a) The support includes a certain number of fine points, turned upwardly, on which the flower stems may be stuck axially or slopingly; (b) The support is combined with a suction cup made of rubber. This device, which can be used by fiorists or private persons, is preferably placed at the bottom of a receptacle filled with water, such as a bowl or the like. The suction cup is pressed beforehand to the bottom of the bowl and then supplied with the support with points which is bedecked with flowers. The suction cup endows great stability to the entire device. According to one form of the device, the support with points, made of various materials and shapes, can be screwed on a ring having a center hole in which is fixed the stud of the suction cup. The invention will be understood better from the description which follows and by referring to the accompanying drawing by way of example but not restrictive in which: Fig. l is the support with points; Fig. 2 shows the suction cup supplied with its threaded ring; Fig. 3 represents the flower-spike unit; Fig. 4 shows the method of using the device of the invention. By referring to the drawing, the flower-spike device is composed of a support 1, a suction cup 2 and an intermediary piece 3 in the shape of a ring. The support 1, preferably made of molded plastic material, comprises on its top face 4 fine pins or spikes sunk in the said support. 2,881,562 Patented Apr. 14, 1959 The bottom part of support 1 is hollowed out and comprises a threaded recess 7 in which ring 3, equally threaded on its periphery can be screwed. The bore 8 of the ring 3 has said shape of a groove in which the stud 2 of suction cup 2 can be housed, forcibly. The support 1 and ring 3 may be made of metal. In this case the spikes 5 do not have heads and are simply forcibly fitted in the suitable holes. The support can be of any shape both in plan and in elevation. To use this device, the support is unscrewed and the suction cup is slightly dampened and placed on the bottom of the bowl C, for example, by pressing thereon with a thumb, then said support is screwed home while making sure of the thorough stability of the unit. The stalks T, of the flowers are stuck on the spikes axially or slantingly (Figure 4), and water is poured into the bowl so that the stems are steeped in the water. The present invention of course is not limited to the method of embodiment described and shown, and therefore the spikes may be sunk in the bottom of the bowl. Having thus described my invention what I claim is: A flower support comprising a suction cup of resilient material, a stud forming the top portion of said cup and also being of resilient material, a ring of substantially rigid material having the bore thereof defined by a wall with a groove therein, said stud extending into said bore and said groove connecting said suction cup and ring and supporting said ring laterally of said stud, a support member of substantially rigid material having a threaded recess in one face thereof, said ring having a threaded periphery in threaded engagement with said support member recess threads and said support having an annular flange extending from said face thereof and contacting said suction cup when said suction cup is mounted on a supporting surface and means on said support member for supporting the stems of flowers. References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 877,145 Waddell Jan. 21, 1908 1,431,679 Noda Oct. 10, 1922 1,513,841 MacDonald Nov. 4, 1924 1,741,692" Garaja Dec. 31, 1929 2,686,989 Dillon Aug. 24, 1954 2,747,333 Erbguth May 29, 1956 FOREIGN PATENTS 698,531 Great Britain Oct. 14, 1953



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